The importance of flowers in marriage and their meaning

Flowers are the element that cannot be missing in any wedding. Whether it’s sumptuous and extra-luxury weddings or very intimate ceremonies, the floral arrangement is what makes it unique and gives personality to the most important day in the life of the couple.

For this reason, the choice of flowers and arrangements is one of the mail aspects in organizing the wedding, to be treated in detail and possibly entrusted to a professional Floral Designer.

In fact, this figure will be able to advise you not only on the ideal style, but also on the most suitable flowers based on the nuances of chosen colors, the seasonality and the message and meaning you want to convey, creating a real “theme”.

If you are already lovingly followed by a Wedding Planner, she/he who will select and collaborate side by side with the Floral Designer for the perfect realization of the event.

The meaning of flowers

It’s the meaning of the different floral varieties that often determines their choice, especially the bouquet which, according to tradition, represents the last present that the groom gives to the bride.
The most popular is undoubtedly the rose that symbolizes love and, depending on the colour variations, purity and perfection and is used practically everywhere: from the setting up of the church to the reception centrepieces.


means ‘beautiful’ in Greek from ‘kalos’ and is considered a symbol of the purity of the bride at the beginning of a new life. Calla lilies have always been preferred by brides at all times of the year, but especially in the spring season, as a symbol of femininity and radiance. Miniature white calla lilies or a single long calla of refined simplicity are the most requested for the bouquet.


Then there is the rounded peony, which represents prosperity. Synonymous with good luck and a wish for a happy marriage. With their roundness they produce the “WOW effect” in any setting, turning into a truly feminine and refined option.


And the hydrangea that symbolizes gratitude, grace, beauty and happiness. It is considered a very trendy flower, especially in the variety of just greenish flowers, and can be used to create magnificent bouquets, or as a flagship for the groom and witnesses.


Last but not least, the tulip, the flower symbol of the Netherlands, actually originally from Persia, which represents the “happy years”, perfect and lasting love. There is a wide range of colors, it is suitable for decorating every corner of the reception.

The new trends

After having listed just some of the flowers that are most used ones for weddings, let’s see what are the new trends currently in vogue that we will find again next year.
First of all, the combination of very intense colors with softer shades and pastel tones that recall the idea of lightness, harmony and simplicity. This combination will create settings with refined and very elegant but at the same time essential contrasts that go well with the so-called “mini weddings”, restricted weddings with a limited number of guests.

Another elegant mix of colors and scents is given by the combination of flowers, fruit and vegetables. Chillies, aubergines, citrus fruits, exotic fruit or aromatic herbs can be elegantly used to set up a country chic wedding. In recent years, attention to the environment has also grown increasingly and many feel the need for a return to nature and simplicity. For this reason, another extremely topical trend is to distance oneself from cultivated flowers such as roses and instead choose wild flowers and herbs.

Finally, the great gurus of Floral Design suggest the use of dried flowers, pots of green plants or origami of flowers that are becoming increasingly successful thanks to the fact that they can be preserved and reused.


How long before the choice has to be made?
When exactly should the choice of flowers be made?

The advice is to book the florist or floral designer at least six months before and then you can calmly think about the layout once the basics of the entire “project” of the wedding day are outlined. Each element must in fact coordinate with everything else and it would be a mistake to choose the flowers in advance without considering for example the type of location chosen or the theme that was decided to give to the day.

Always present in great love stories, flowers are the only “jewels” allowed by Etiquette on the wedding day so… let’s give them the importance they deserve!